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As a young girl, Debbie was fearless and outgoing, a born female entrepreneur. As she grew older however, how she saw herself, and what she wanted for her life seemed to have gotten lost in the chaos of living. Through a series of hard life lessons and sessions of self discovery, Debbie Gaby began to live the life of her dreams, which she chronicles in her book In My Wildest Dreams.

Debbie Gaby’s choices led her down an amazing road, from rural Texas to entrepreneurship and corporate boardrooms, and, finally, to a life that’s centered around philanthropy and giving back. What she learned along the way helped her to be a straight shooter in the boardroom with a heart as big as Texas.

As the President, co-founder, and visionary who created Sleep America Charities, Debbie led countless campaigns that positively impacted the community in which she lived. With her husband and co-founder, Len Gaby, Debbie oversaw the rise of Sleep America as it became the largest mattress retailer in Arizona, with 48 stores across the state and was nicknamed America’s Queen of Sleep, as Sleep America’s Spokesperson.

In 2004, after 20 years as America’s Queen of Sleep (and a trunk load of awards and accolades), she founded American Sleep Charities, which would later become Debbie Gaby Charities, with the goal of improving the lives of others.

In 2016 she published her first book, In my Wildest Dreams, with the hopes of inspiring women everywhere to follow their dreams and never settle for anything less.

Awards and Accolades for Debbie Gaby

In January 2007, Debbie was honored to chair Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano’s second inaugural committee, co-emceeing the inaugural reception with broadcaster Hugh Downs. Debbie and her family received the “Philanthropist of the Year” Award from CCF and Florence Crittenton and she also served as Chair of the Major Gifts Committee for the Phoenix Zoo’s campaign which raised $20 Million to significantly upgrade their facilities.

Debbie also received Woman of the Year Award for Women of Scottsdale, and was inducted into the House of Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2008. In addition, that same year Sleep America was voted Retailer of the Year by Furniture Today Magazine, and won the Sterling Award for Entrepreneurship awarded by the Chamber of Commerce. Sleep America was also voted Best Places to Work by Phoenix Business Journal in both 2005 and 2008.

Debbie co-chaired Sojourner Center’s $11 million Home Stretch Capital Campaign in 2006, and received the World of Community Service Award from the Girl Scouts of Arizona. In addition, she served as Vice Chairwoman of Florence Crittenton Center’s Capital Campaign and in appreciation a garden was named in her honor. Banner of Hope honored her with the “Hope” Award, the YWCA named Debbie as “The Business Leader of the Year”, and Working Women Magazine honored her for Entrepreneurial Excellence. She has also received the 2000 Golden Heart of Business Award, 2000 Arthritis Awareness Award, 2000 Vera Beaton Volunteer Award, the 1999 Spirit of Philanthropy Award, and the 1999 Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Woman of Distinction Award.

In 2016 she published her first book, In My Wildest Dreams, which is a collection of life lessons that have shaped Debbie Gaby’s life. She shares these stories with the world in the hopes that she can inspire more woman to live the life of there dreams.


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