In My Wildest Dreams by Debbie Gaby

You can if Debbie Gaby has anything to say about it!

Debbie’s journey is inspiring and, in sharing it, I know she will lighten the load that so many women, of all ages, carry as they forge their path in life. What a gift she offers by reminding us that each of us has the power to choose the life that fulfills us the most.”

―Rita Davenport Author, Speaker, Trainer

A Bouquet of Hope Starts with Seeds of Inspiration

With humor, compassion, love, and healthy doses of Southern charm, Debbie Gaby shares the stories of her life that have shaped, challenged, and inspired her to become the woman she is today.

Readers will find that In My Wildest Dreams… is joyful, uplifting, and inspiring—and a testimony that the gifts in our lives come to us in interesting and often awe-inspiring ways… in different shapes and colors and scents, one more beautiful than the next.

Debbie Gaby’s choices led her down an amazing road, from rural Texas to entrepreneurship and corporate boardrooms, and, finally, to a life that’s centered around philanthropy and giving back to those who face challenges and choices as daunting as those she faced decades ago.

In In My Wildest Dreams… she reflects on a lifetime of choices and the opportunities they offered to learn and grow.

About the Author

Debbie Gaby, who became known as “America’s Sleep Queen” during her 20-year run as the spokesperson for Sleep America, earned an induction into the House of Broadcasting’s Hall of Fame.

As the President, co-founder, and visionary who created Sleep America Charities, Debbie led countless campaigns that positively impacted the community in which she lived. With her husband and co-founder, Len Gaby, Debbie oversaw the rise of Sleep America as it became the largest mattress retailer in Arizona, with 48 stores across the state.

Although she has been recognized as a top Realtor in the state of Texas as well as an innovative and successful entrepreneur who created and built Sleep America, Debbie feels she has found her greatest calling as the Founder and President of Debbie Gaby Charities.

Learn more about Debbie Gaby here.

Debbie Gaby with Jane Seymour, actress, entrepreneur, author, artist and great friend.

“Debbie Gaby is a breath of fresh air, with a tell-it-like-it-is story of her journey down an often-bumpy road that has led her to a celebrated life of success. Debbie intimately and candidly shares the challenges she’s faced and her incredible resolve for overcoming them. You will be uplfted and enthused. And you may be inspired to go after your wildest dreams.”

Kim Kiyosaki | Co-founder of the Rich Dad Company & Author of Rich Woman

“Debbie Gaby, a successful business woman who is as sweet as a pack of sugar and as tenacious as a restaurant fly, has unfolded her painfully twisting life map as a little southern steel magnolia who understood that life’s harsh light of reality was the only way to blossom. Every sentence she shares tugs at the heart, encouraging readers to embrace their destiny and their God.”

Pat Bondurant | President, Bondurant Racing School

“This book is the gift that keeps on giving… Debbie Gaby has a unique way of sharing her story in a way that resonates with her audience. There are pearls of wisdom woven throughout this book. Debbie inspires and empowers you to be the best version of yourself… and this is a book I highly recommend.”

Miriam Laundry | Award-winning Author, Speaker, & Guinness World Record Holder™

“Debbie Gaby has written a story that she has lived, a story that reminds each of us how we should live. Life’s greatest gifts can come to us disguised in many forms. Your greatest challenge may one day be your greatest gift. Her words remind us all to appreciate the awe-inspiring journey of life and the many different shapes, colors and bouquets of intoxicating scent that it comes in.”

Letitia Frye | Author, Speaker, Auctioneer

“If I’ve ever known a go-getter… it’s Debbie Gaby! For years I’ve watched her open heart and tenacious spirit make things happen not just for her, but for other people. No life is perfect and that’s the beauty of this book. Let her story light a fire for yours.”

Christi Paul | CNN New Day Weekend Anchor, HLN Anchor/Reporter & Author of Love Isn’t Supposed to Hurt

“I cherish my relationship with Debbie Gaby—both as a friend and a mentor—not because she is humble, giving, and wise, but because she is authentic, caring, and supportive. Debbie has shown me that kindness is a leadership trait not practiced nearly enough in the business world. Debbie sees leadership not in terms of glamour, but of responsibility, and that tells me all I need to know about this special person.”

Ilana Lowery | Editor-in-Chief of Phoenix Business Journal

“Debbie Gaby, a woman who’s heart is open to help others at the drop of a dime, is now opening her life for us to see. Many people have trauma and drama in their lives, but maybe Debbie, and the optimism and kindness she exudes, can show how us how to use this chaos to look at life with a positive and tolerant outlook. She exemplifies the motto that life is about relationships and opportunities. Debbie Gaby is an amazing woman… with an amazing story.”

Angela Hallier | Founder and Partner
Hallier & Lawrence P LLC

“We’ve never known Debbie to not get things done. She accomplishes whatever she sets out to do!”

Sheryl and Alice Cooper

“In My Wildest Dreams… is joyful, uplifting, and inspiring—and a testimony that the gifts in our lives come to us in interesting and often awe-inspiring ways…in different shapes and colors and scents, one more beautiful than the next.”

Laurel and Mike D’Antoni | Head Coach, Houston Rockets

“I’ve known Debbie since 2002 when she worked on our Gubernational campaign. She is an admirable person whom I consider a friend. ”

Janet Napolitano | President, University of California

“Debbie is a jewel for our community and gives of her heart. And that ain’t no bull!”

Pam and Tex Earnhardt | Owners, Earnhardt Auto Centers

“I’ve known Debbie for over 18 years and I have never met a woman more positive and more focused on doing what she can to help others. Debbie is an inspiration to me and to so many people in Arizona. Her story is one of perseverance and overcoming life’s challenges to find the silver lining in any situation.”

Linda Little | President, Arizona Region
iHeartMedia Markets Group

“A sister and friend whom I cherish every moment of every day.”

Janet Morton | Sister

“I’ve known Debbie for most of our lives and it’s her positive outlook and generous spirit that makes her so unique and interesting.”

Newt Dorsett | Owner, Remington Suite Hotel

“A true bundle of joy, love, and inspiration! Dreams becoming reality is a part of every woman’s DNA. A must-read for all women of any age.”

JoAnn Holland | President & CEO
Central Phoenix Women

A portion of the net proceeds of this book will benefit Debbie Gaby Charities.

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